The Leaders of Our Congregation

The Church Board consists of The Nurture, Stewards, and Witness Commissions

The Nurture Commission: Responsible for fostering the spiritual life of the congregation through the areas of music, worship, education, and fellowship.  The functions should not be viewed as ends in themselves but as providing experiences that enable persons to increase their effectiveness in extending the ministry of Christ in today’s world.


The Stewards Commission: The legal trustees of the congregation with the responsibility for acquiring, holding, and conveying property in accordance with the decision of the board and/or the congregation.  The Stewards shall be responsible for the care, protection and maintenance of all the church property; for receiving, disbursing, and recording all funds of the congregation.  They should plan for the wise use and development of the congregations’ resources in time, ability, property, and money, individually and corporately, that they may be dedicated to the purpose of God.


The Witness Commission: Responsible for directing the congregation’s witness to the world through evangelism, church extension, ecumenical relations, mission, social action, ministry to the needy, and daily vocations.  Members shall aid the congregation in bringing the Gospel of Christ to all persons and in manifesting God’s kingdom of love, justice, peace, security, and freedom among all persons.


The Church Deacons guide our congregation through Shephearding &  Spiritual Leadership